Who and What are we?

What are we?

Are we now a Survivalist Group or are we “preppers“, in short probably from both a bit?

Prepping is the practice of preparing for emergencies and disasters that may disrupt your normal life. Preppers aim to be self-reliant and resilient in the face of various threats, such as natural disasters, civil unrest, pandemics, economic collapse, or war. Prepping involves acquiring skills, knowledge, supplies, and plans that can help you survive and thrive in any situation. On this website, you will find useful information and tips on how to become a prepper, what to stockpile, how to bug out or bug in, how to deal with different scenarios, and much more. Whether you are a beginner or an expert prepper, this website will help you learn new things and improve your preparedness level.

What is a prepper

A prepper is a person who prepares for possible emergencies, disasters or survival situations by creating plans, gathering resources, and developing skills. Preppers are not necessarily paranoid or extremist; they are normal people who want to be more self-reliant and resilient. Preppers may stockpile food, water, tools, ammunition, and other supplies; learn survival skills such as first aid, fire making, or gardening; build resilient communities or go off-grid; or have a "go-bag" or a bunker ready for evacuation. Prepping has become more mainstream in recent years due to various factors such as climate change, pandemics, political instability, and pop culture.

What is a survivalist?

A survivalist is a person who advocates or practices survivalism, which is a social movement of preparing for emergencies, such as natural disasters, civil unrest, or global catastrophe. Survivalists often stockpile supplies, learn survival skills, and build shelters that may help them survive a breakdown of society. Survivalists may have different motivations and levels of preparedness, ranging from personal adversity to doomsday scenarios. The term survivalist dates from the early 1980s and has its origins in the Cold War era civil defense programs and religious beliefs.

What is then now the difference between both

The difference between survivalists and preppers is mainly in their preparation style and lifestyle. A survivalist is someone who can survive with minimal resources and skills, while a prepper is someone who stockpiles supplies and plans for a self-sufficient homestead. A survivalist does not need or want creature comforts, but a prepper tries to preserve their current way of life as much as possible. A survivalist is usually a lone individual, but a prepper may have a family or community to support.