How the ISG came to pass

Fame never went to our heads. Well not mine anyway

2012 in Mullinahassic Woods and waterfall.

Tony Mc Hugh and Frank Deegan (Both founders) of the Irish Survivalist Group both used YouTube as they are main communications portal and both of the lad's made a decent enough effort to make outdoor bushcraft and survival videos for online entertainment. It was at that time Frank found Tony’s video channel nighthawk6376 - YouTube and heard Tony or “Sarge” or Mac as he later became known was heading off to do an overnighter in Mullinahassic Wood’s deep in the Co Cork backcountry. “Can I come,” I remember saying says Frank! I’ll bring Beer he say’s and without any hesitation, he was off to Co Cork for the first meeting but not the last.

It was to be the first sampling of Mac’s food and sure I’m still alive says Frank so it must have been good. Fast forward a few months and the TV cameras we’re knocking on the door looking for an interview for both TV, Radio, and newspapers.

Later as the months passed, and Tony’s cooking got noticed he Nearly started his own cookery channel “Cooking with Mac” using Libation and spam..

So at the next meetup, the decision was agreed to create the “Irish Survivalist Group ISG” and with an astounding success within the first year using Facebook as our main social media we were bolstered further with publicity from the press.